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For over 10 years Poker Jokers has been delivering free online poker information. This website is for the poker player who wants to try new gaming challenges and increase their gambling repertoire.

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Remember your first game of online poker? You were probably like us. A little nervous about losing money, a bit unsure of the rules of the game and definitely pretty clueless about the etiquette and upsetting other players.

This website will get your juices flowing about other forms of gaming and give you a small number of age old tips for playing casinos online, so you won't be the new fish in the piranha pond.

All of our gambling information is 100% free to access. Let's play!

Featured Legend

Soraya Lowell the bingo millionaireSoraya Lowell - Bingo Millionaire

On 23 March 2008, Soraya Lowell from Lanarkshire bought a bingo card for £12.00, entering a National Bingo Game. Less than an hour later she had won £1,167,795. Soraya gave half of her winnings to pensioner Agnes O'Neill. Mrs Lowell said: "We always share whatever either of us wins and this time will be no different."

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Gambling Pick

Crazy Bets - "Trust me, some of the things we have been asked to quote on, but refused, defy belief." - Kevin Egan, Paddy Power.

Novelty betting markets are particularly popular when placing multiple bets and accumulators, where bets on a selection of likely outcomes in current events can generate some impressive payouts.

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