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"If you really want something in this life you have to work for it. Now quiet, they're about to announce the lottery numbers" - Dan Castellaneta. Lotteries are the ultimate game of luck. Lowest chance of winning, highest jackpots in gaming! Say no more.

Lotto balls

The odds of being a jackpot winner in a 49 number, six pick lottery, are almost 14 million to one. Or in other words you would win the lottery jackpot once every 269,230 years!

The Italian Super Enalotto requires players to hit 6 numbers out of 90. The jackpot odds in this lottery are 622 million to 1 (12 million years!).

Legends of Lotto

Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus and the Rome lotteryGaius Julius Caesar Augustus

During his reign from 27 BC to AD 14, Roman Emperor August Caesar organized the first ever lottery as we understand it today. The Emperor sold tickets to the public offering prizes in return. Caesar used these funds to repair the city of Rome.

Stefan Klincewicz and the Irish Lottery

In May 1992 Klincewicz and his 28 strong syndicate managed to purchase 85% of the 1,947,792 possible number combinations on the Irish Lottery. This unprecedented sting required a ticket investment of £820,000 against a jackpot of £1.7 million. On the night the syndicate had the winning numbers but were unlucky to share the jackpot with two other players. Overall prize money on all tickets still generated an estimated profit of £300,000. Klincewice later said "When you've got the ticket, you just sit back and enjoy the show."

Dolores McNamara and the Euromillions jackpotDolores McNamara - EuroMillions €115,436,126

On July 29th 2005 McNamara, a mother of six and part-time cleaner, purchased a €2 quick pick ticket for the rollover Euro Millions draw. Dolores won a jackpot record of €115,436,126, overnight becoming the 72nd wealthiest person in Ireland.

J. R. Triplett - Mega Millions $239,000,000

In February 2004 retired truck driver Mr Triplett and his wife Peggy hit all six numbers in the Mega Millions lottery in Virginia USA. His easy pick selection of 01, 13, 20, 21, 30 plus bonus number 24 netted a total prize fund of $239,000,000. Peggy cried when Mr Triplett broke the news. "She got down on her knees and thanked the Lord. It didn't excite me all that much. It's no big thing."

The Messner Family and Eddie Nabors - Mega Millions $390,000,000

In March 2007 two lucky winners shared the biggest jackpot in lottery history. The winning numbers were 16, 22, 29, 39, 42 and bonus ball 20. Harold Messner of Woodbine said, "We feel very fortunate and blessed. This is that early retirement we`ve always dreamed of - now we can do all those things we said we would do once we retired." Truck driver Eddie Nabors put in more simply when he said "I'm going to do a lot of fishing".

Online Lottery Tactics

Don't Give Up the Day Job

The astronomically high odds against winning the larger prizes have led to epithets of a "tax on stupidity". Unless you are planning to buy every ticket of course!

Be An International Player

Lottery agents open up a world of fun for the lottery player. Traditionally national lotteries insist on resident status to enter. However in todays world of global communications, you are able to enter lotteries around the World. OK, its probably going to be the difference between 12 million to 1 and 266 million. But enjoy those balls!

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