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Beside Baccarat, he deals in lechery. Well, nobody's perfect... " James Bond (Casino Royale). Baccarat Chemin de Fer is the game of choice for 007. Baccarat is the rolls royce of cards, played by royalty in Monte Carlo.

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Baccarat is a game of chance and there is no sure outcome for the next round of play. Yet there is a rich history of baccarat as a game for the wealthy, famous and infamous.

European and American versions differ widely, with the most important difference being who banks the game. In Europe, it is common for players to bankroll the game while the house simply takes a percentage. In the United States, the casino bankrolls the game.

1. American (punto banco)
2. Baccarat Chemin de Fer (railway)
3. European
4. Baccarat en Banque
(or à deux tableaux)

Legends of Baccarat

John W Gates and the $1 million baccarat handJohn W Gates - Mr Bet-a-Million

Circa 1900 - Barbed wire salesman and gambler John Warne Gates was playing banker at a private baccarat game. Gates announced his bank had a bankroll of $1 million. One baccarat gambler announced 'Banco' and they played a single hand for a million. Ironically, the game tied, but Gates has been known ever since as Mr Bet-a-Million.

The Prince of Wales & the Baccarat Scandal

In September 1890 baccarat caused an international royal scandal. After three nights of baccarat, Sir William Cummings was accused of cheating by the Prince of Wales and seated nobility, for raising the stake on seeing an upturned card . They pressured a signed confession from Cummings on condition that the incident would not be made public and he never play cards again. An eventual court case to clear his name was front page news.

Nico Zographos and the baccarat insigniaNico Zographos & The Greek Syndicate

In 1919 Nico Zographos formed a gambling team with four other card counters and baccarat experts. For twenty years the syndicate made a fortune at baccarat tables in Paris, Cannes and Monte Carlo. In 1926 Zographos bet his last 1,000,000 francs on a single hand of baccarat, winning with a third card 9 of diamonds, his insignia for evermore.

Francis "Tommy" Renzoni - The Father of American Baccarat

In 1959 Renzoni was present at the first night of modern baccarat in the United States. Renzoni was running a baccarat table at the Capri Casino in Havana the night Castro overthrew the Batista government. His income curtailed, Renzoni relocated to Las Vegas where he landed a job as a casino executive in the Dune Sands Hotel. On the opening baccarat night the casino is rumoured to have lost $250,000.

Akio Kashiwagi and the baccarat big oneAkio Kashiwagi - The Warrior

In 1990 Akio Kashiwagi entered Trump's Atlantic City casino. Betting $200,000 a hand, Akio won $6 million in 10 hours of baccarat. Three months later he returned. Akio was ahead $5.5 million on his third day at the table. On the sixth day, after 5,056 hands in 70 hours of play, Kashiwagi was $9.4 million down, becoming baccarat's biggest loser.

Online Baccarat Tactics


There are normally eight decks of cards in a game of Baccarat. You have a better advantage of winning through the banker's hand if the game is with a lesser number of card decks.


Betting on a tie as the outcome of a baccarat game is very rare as house odds for a tie are as high as 14%. Hence, if you bet on a tie as the result, and if it is so, you have to pay 14% of your winnings to the casino.

Double Zero

For the best baccarat odds you should play at tables with only one zero (0). When there is also a double zero (00) the odds of your winning drop quite drastically.

30 to 1

There is no limit on how much bankroll you can bring to a casino. However, baccarat players recommend a bankroll thirty times the amount of the minimum bet.

Be The Banker

In the game of baccarat, the bank will usually have a small but clearly favorable percentage edge. Throughout a game or shoe as it is termed, the advantage will alter with every single hand, depending on which cards are dealt. The bank is held by whichever player bids the highest for it. The banker also has another valuable advantage, he can stop play whenever he likes, avoiding bankruptcy in a losing streak by giving up the bank.

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