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"Backgammon is time-tested. Romans played the game, and they ruled the world. Bosch’s famous painting of hell The Garden of Earthly Delights includes a backgammon board. After many tough games, I understand why it’s there." - Dean Kahn

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Backgammon is the oldest known recorded board game in history dating back to 3000BC. In 50AD backgammon came to the UK and Roman Emperor Claudius was a keen player. Backgammon is the grandfather of gaming and widely known as the "Game of Kings". Yet backgammon hasn't always been popular. During the time of Henry VIII, Cardinal Wolsey commanded all backgammon boards to be destroyed by fire!

Legends of Backgammon

Alexis Obolensky the father of modern backgammonPrince Alexis Obolensky

In the 1960's Prince Alexis Obolensky became the "Father of Modern Backgammon" by forming the World Backgammon Club. In 1967 Obelensky put on the first World Championship of Backgammon in Las Vegas. This tournament ran until 1975 and was the inspiration for the current day Monte Carlo World Championship.

Andreas Schneider - FIBS

In 1992 Andreas Schnieider created the first online backgammon software, First Internet Backgammon Server, FIBS. For the first time in history players could be found playing realtime backgammon online. Schneider's innovation was an inspiration for Frederick Dahl's Jellyfish software and subsequently Olivier Egger's Snowie, today's leading backgammon software and sponsor of the World Series of Backgammon.

Tim Holland and the back gammon World ChampionshipTim Holland

Tim Holland is the only person to win the World Championships three times, in consecutive tournaments starting in 1967. He is renowned for his aggressive and innovative gaming strategies and has written a number of best selling backgammon books. Holland is
winner of the most number of major titles in the history of backgammon.

Nack Ballard and the World Professional backgammon championshipNack Ballard - "Nackgammon"

In 1982 Ballard won the World Professional Backgammon Championship. Nack has won numerous backgammon tournaments and is considered by his peers to be the best backgammon player in the World. In 1999 Ballard even thrashed the Jellyfish in a 300 game match, at that time the best backgammon computer in the world.

Andreas Maertens and the online backgammon millionAndreas Maertens

Maertens became the biggest winner in backgammon tournament history, winning the PartyGammon Million in the Bahamas. His first prize of $600,400 was won after investing just $440 to win an online backgammon qualifier. Tied at 22-22 in a 23 point game final, the eventual winner said "I am going to buy my girlfriend Monica a car!"

Backgammon Tactics

Point Break

The 4th and the 5th point on the both sides of the board are extremely important and you need to fight in holding them in early stages of the game. The bar point ( the 7th point) is extremely important as well. However point 4 and 5 are even more important and you need to prefer them first.

Anchor Man

Anchoring is a very good way to slow and block the opponent's moves. When you are behind in the game, anchoring can be also the only way to get you out of this situation.

Double Trouble

The best time to offer a double is when you think your opponent will refuse one. TThe cube required players not only to select the best move in a given position, but also to estimate the probability of winning from that position, transforming backgammon into the expected value-driven game played in the 20th and 21st centuries.

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