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"$36,000 to keep bingo halls safe from terrorists? We don't see that as a wise use of money!” Ed Frank (politics). Bingo has had a bad image in the past, more blue rinse than gold tints. But now it's bingo boom time in the UK, for one key reason, online bingo is fun!

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The good news is your chances of winning at online bingo are more than in offline bingo. The bad news is that online bingo is still a game of luck and offers few opportunities to influence the outcome. Worse still online bingo sites hold a constant mathematical edge in the game over the players. So, don't give up your day job just yet for bingo.

Fortunately the thrill of being a single number from calling a "bingo" is priceless!

Legends of Bingo

Edwin S. Lowe - The Father of the Modern Game

In 1929, Toy salesman Edwin Lowe witnessed the first playing of the game at a carnival in Atlanta. Lowe renamed it Bingo and commissioned Professor Carl Leffer to increase the number of card variations and improve the financial prospects of the game. Lowe's early bingo games came in two varieties: a 12 card set that cost a dollar and a 24 card set that cost two dollars. By 1934 over 10,000 bingo games were being played each week.

Professor Carl Leffler

Columbia University mathematics professor Carl Leffler created over 6,000 new Bingo cards with non repeating number groups. Edwin Lowe paid Leffler per card. It is estimated that there are over 552,446,474,061,129,000,000,000,000 possible bingo card combinations. Rumour has it Carl Leffler went mad achieving this feat. This work created a virtually even playing field for each player and was vital to the incredible success that Bingo became.

Eric Morley and Mecca bingoEric Morley - Mecca Bingo

In 1968 Mecca Entertainment Director Eric Morley relaunched bingo as a social event in their 15,000 halls in the UK. The bingo industry had previously been infiltrated by organized crime. Morley's bingo vision was realised via a brilliant marketing campaign, convincing government and society that bingo was social activity rather than gambling.

Soraya Lowell the bingo millionaireSoraya Lowell - Bingo Millionaire

On 23 March 2008, Soraya Lowell from Lanarkshire bought a bingo card for £12.00, entering a National Bingo Game. Less than an hour later she had won £1,167,795. Soraya gave half of her winnings to pensioner Agnes O'Neill. Mrs Lowell said: "We always share whatever either of us wins and this time will be no different."

Online Bingo Tactics

Be in it to win it

Online bingo is a game of pure chance. Therefore the more bingo cards you own, it stands to reason, the more chances you have to win. Make sure you take advantage of any free card offers at the competing online bingo sites.

Don't Overstretch Yourself

In online bingo you still have to watch and monitor the display and numbers. If you have a hundred bingo cards you may blow a gasket trying to keep up. You still want the maximum number of cards in online bingo, but know your own limits.

Crowd Control

The best time to play online bingo is early mornings or afternoons. More amateurs are online in the bingo rooms and the chances of winning are much higher. Don't rush in. Watch a game and the players in a room before registering. Avoid weekends if you can as it is very busy and the chances of winning are reduced.

Be Lucky !

Research shows 75 percent of the population carry a good luck charm. Either this demonstrates a healthy sense of paranoia in soceity, or that cute leprecaun really will make the magic balls fall in your lap. Whilst not usually sound gambling advice (!), in pure chance bingo, hedge your bets just in case! Now where's that four leaf clover...

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