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Horse racing information

"A race track is a place where windows clean people" - Danny Thomas. Despite this rather pessimistic view, over £6 billion is wagered each year on horse racing in the UK. Somebody, somewhere is winning!

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Legends of the Horses

Sir Gordon Richards the Worlds greatest jockeySir Gordon Richards - "The Worlds' Greatest Jockey"

In 1925 Richards became Champion Jockey in his maiden year as a pro. In 1932 broke the record for the greatest number of wins in a year with 259 victories. In 1933 he set a world record with 12 consecutive wins, including all 6 winners at Chepstow. His 4,870 wins are a British best. Richards was Champion Jockey a record 26 times in his career.

Percy Cunliffe - "The Hermits of Salisbury Plain"

Old Etonian and City Financier Percy Cunliffe was head of the Druids Lodge Confederacy. In 1903 this quintet of gamblers confused bookmakers assessing Hackler's Pride, a horse running in the Cambridgeshire race. When the London clubs started offering odds the ride was available at 25 to 1, despite romping home to win by more than three lengths. The betting coup of the century netted £250,000, about £10 million in today's money.

Horse racing and the Queen MotherThe Queen Mother

The late Queen Mother saw her steeplechase horses win at least 400 times and is best remembered for the 1956 Grand National in which her horse, Devon Loch, collapsed just yards from the finishing line. Late private secretary Sir Martin Gilliatt said: "I suppose the Queen Mother would be considered rather an unlucky owner."  

Richard Brocklebank The Scoop 6 SquirrelRichard Brocklebank - "The Scoop6 Squirrel"

In 2007 Richard Brocklebank was part of a syndicate that picked 6 winners in 6 races on the same day to win £3.2 million, the biggest payout in British racing history.
Russian Trigger at odds of 8-1 in the 3.10 at Uttoxeter completed his historic Scoop6 win. Brocklebank is famous for being the Scoop6 Squirrel, tipster for the Sun.

Agnes Haddock and the Tote Scoop6Agnes Haddock - 344,310 to ONE

Agnes Haddock who ran an ironing business and had no previous racing knowledge won £688,620 from a £2 bet. In 2007 Agnes picked the horse Clouding Over because it "looked like rain". She selected final horse Taranis because his number was 13, her birthday. Agnes still uses her "nice names" formula to play the Tote Scoop6.

Betting on the Horses

Let it ride

The truly massive payouts in UK horse racing history have been accumlators. This type of bet involves selecting winners in multiple races. Any payout on the first race carries over to the second and so on, dramatically increasing the size of the stake and subsequent payout. It is imperative you understand the different bet options to select the best one for you. The most common types of accumulator in UK horse racing are the Patent (3 selections), the Yankee (4 selections) and the Super-Yankee (5 selections).

Information is power

Choosing a horse because it's rhymes with the name of your Auntie Nellie's pussy is not sound business. The most basic research can make a huge difference to your win rate. Check the basics - the horses recent form, ground conditions, the handicap weight and each jockey's track record. This data is published in the racing newspapers. If betting on course, go see the horses parade in the paddock before the race. Speak to the oldest person around the ring and ask him what he thinks! Information is power in horse racing.

Tote Vote

With traditional betting, you select winner or each way (where a horse must finish in the first three or four places) and the bookie determines the odds. With spread betting you select a margin e.g. winning distance or number of places between horses. You have less control over how much you will win or lose and it can be risky for a beginner. In Tote betting there are low minimum stakes and all the bets on a race are pooled. This total is then shared amongst the winners. Add in the Tote Scoop6 (see below) and it's a great place to start.

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