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Online craps is a game of pure "chance." There is no physical way of editing or predicting the outcome unless you physically throw the dice in a casino. Yet craps can deliver some of the best odds in gambling and the excitement of a craps pit is unequalled.

Online craps dice

An online craps table looks like quantum physics to most beginners! But don't be put off, as craps is actually one of the simplest games in the casino, and one of the most exciting games in gambling. All you need to know is some basic terminology and tips, and you will soon be scraping in the craps pit.

Legends of Craps

Sir William of Tyre

Craps (Hazard) is believed to have been invented by Sir William of Tyre during the crusades. The game was supposedly entertainment for the knights as they lay siege to a castle called Hazarth in 1125 AD.

John Winn designs the craps layoutJohn H Winn - Father of the Modern Game

At the turn of the 20th century dice maker John H Winn invented bank craps, the modern game played today. He designed the craps layout and the craps table, adding a Don’t Pass bets box. This innovation allowed players to bet with the shooter or against him, reducing the use of crooked dice, a common practice at the time.

Stanley Fujitake and the longest roll in craps historyStanley Fujitake - Golden Arm of Hawaii

At 1.30am, May 28th 1989, Stanley Fujitake took the craps dice at the California Hotel & Casino. Three hours, six minutes and 118 rolls later, The Golden Arm from Hawaii had set a record for the longest roll in the craps history. "It was the largest loss in the history of the hotel that day, in excess of a million dollars" - Casino Manager John Repetti.

William Lee Bergstrom - The Suitcase Man

In 1980 William Bergstrom walked into Binions Casino, a casino guaranteeing to match any punter's first bet. Bergstrom put down $777,000. Bergstrom had two suitcases with him, one holding his stake money, the other for his winnings. Binion's matched the bet and Bergstrom wagered all at once on the don't pass line at craps. Two dice rolls later, Bergstrom filled both suitcases with cash and walked away.

The Captain of Craps

In July 2005 a man in Atlantic City rolled 147 times before he sevened out, a craps world record. His real identity is still not in the public domain. "Pitchers don't pitch perfect games every time out. In fact, each separate roll of the dice to a player who can control them is like a pitch in a game. The good pitchers will consistently throw strikes and have good games, not every time out, but enough that you can say this isn't randomness or luck." - The Captain.

Online Craps Tactics

Jargon Buster

Written explanations on how to play craps suggest a need for a PHD in rocket science. Yet in reality, and when you play, online craps is one of the easiest gambling games in the casino. All you need to know to get started is the language of the game. The dice holder's first throw is a COME OUT throw.

  • If the craps player throws a 7 or 11 he immediately wins. This is a NATURAL.
  • If he throws 2, 3 or 12 he immediately loses. This is known as CRAPS.
  • Any other throw is known as the player's POINT total.
  • Player continues to throw the dice until he throws his POINT again or he throws a 7.

And that's how to play online craps. Gamblers place bets on the outcome of every throw.

House Party

Just because the thrower loses his shirt doesn't mean you go home empty handed. On a craps table the gambler has the option of betting for (PASS), or against (DON'T PASS) the thrower, predicting whether they will or won't throw again.

Single number cruncher

A PROPOSITION BET predicts that a dice will match an exact total, like a single number bet in routlette. You don't have to bet with the craps shooter, you could bet against the dice passing. The Don't Pass betting space allows for this and you will have a house edge of 1.402%

Don't Pass

You don't have to bet with the shooter, you could bet against the dice passing to another player (losing). The Don't Pass betting space allows for this and you will have a house edge of 1.40%. The Pass bet is the most commonly used bet on the table. You could play this bet frequently and blend in with the play.

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