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3 Card Poker

"If you're a serious gambler play poker. Three card poker is for people who want to relax. Most people who come to a casino aren't trying to change their life. They're trying to spend a few hassle free hours." - Derek Webb (Inventor)

Three Card Poker hand

It is no surprise that three card poker (tri-card) is one of the leading casino table games, due in no small part to the relatively low house advantage (between 2 and 5 percent typically in ante play). It is not uncommon for a player to expect a payout on average every four hands played (check the table structure and casino policy before playing!).

Legends of Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker World ChampionGrace Ann (T.) - World Champion

In 2007 twenty three year old Grace defeated 326 players to win the inaugral World Championship of Three Card Poker. Losing going into the final hand, she landed a flush to take home the $500,000 prize and a diamond ruby encrusted bracelet worth over $30,000. Game owner Shufflemaster no longer host the World Championship tournament.

Barry Morris and three card pokerBarry Morris - The Gulfport Launch

In 1996 Morris was Vice President at the Grand Casino, Gulfport. He agreed a trial of three card poker with fellow Englishman and inventor Derek Webb, who was finding it hard to get the game placed in any casino. The income potential was proven and the rest is history. "Webb invented the game, Derek and I made that game happen".

Derek Webb - 3 Card Poker Inventor

In 1998 Webb believed his game to be on the cusp of global success. Unfortunately Progressive Games Inc thought so too. PGI filed a lawsuit citing patent infringement. Faced with huge legal costs and a formidable opponent, Webb sold the rights to Shuffle Master. In 2002 Webb countersued claiming PGI forced him to sell too cheaply. In 2007 PGI agreed to settle outside court and paid Webb $20 million. "There's no respect for what someone like me does. The inventors of blackjack, roulette and craps are all forgotten. You should respect the inventor."

Joseph Lahti - Shufflemaster

In 1998 Lahti was President of Shufflemaster which owned the rights to popular casino game Let It Ride®. Lahti was at the helm when the business paid $3 million to Derek Webb for the rights to Three Card Poker®. This decision was integral to the rapid growth of 3 card poker which is now played at well over 1,000 tables across the USA Three Card Poker is now the most popular specialty table game in history generating over $10 million each year.

3 Card Poker Tactics

Straight to the Bank

The most noticable difference between traditional poker and three card is that the hand rankings are different. In three card poker a straight beats a flush and the highest ranking hand is a straight flush. Worth remembering!

Be In for Lady Luck

Three Card Poker differs from other poker as players compete against a casino dealer rather than each other. The objective is to make the best poker hand possible using your three hole cards.
The dealer must have queen high or better to play, if not players are paid even odds on their antes..

Players with a straight or higher receive an added ante bonus.

Rest Up With Pair Plus

Pair plus is an alternative bet available to players. Rather than ante up and play poker, you can place a straight bet predicting the dealer's hand. A pair or higher wins. Odds vary depending on the table and casino. For example it is common for a pair to be paid evens, whereas a straigh flush could be listed 40 to one. Always handy is you fancy a brain break.

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